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January 2017

I've had a very busy few months, consisting of many things I'm not allowed to talk about yet!  

I've updated my CV page!  

August 2016 

Hannah's web series 'S-Band'Wannomas are usually solitary, well circumscribed, firm, smooth-surfaced tumors. Because of the larger size of extracranial schwannomas, these tumors are likely to manifest secondary to degenerative changes like cysts and calcification. Histologically, schwannomas consist of compact cellular lesions (antoni type a tissue) and loose, hypocellular myxoid lesions with microcystic spaces (anti type b tissue). generic viagra without prescription 6,7 the hallmark pattern of the benign variants is an alternation of these antoni a and b areas, with a diffuse positivity for s100 protein in the cytoplasm of the tumor cells. 1,3 malignant degeneration of schwannomas is extremely rare, but when present, they act as high-grade sarcomas with a high likelihood of producing local recurrence and distant metastasis. The diagnosis of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor lacks standardized diagnostic criteria but features dense fascicules in a "marble-like" pattern consisting of asymmetrically tapered spindle cells. Malignancy is usually suggested histologically by mitosis, pleomorphism, and blood vessel infiltration. ingredients generic viagra 8 radiological studies are fundamental in the diagnostic evaluation. Computed tomography scans typically show well-defined low or mixed attenuation with cystic necrotic central areas. Cystic changes occur more commonly in retroperitoneal schwannomas (up to 66%) than in other retroperitoneal tumors. 9 other degenerative changes, such as calcification, hemorrhage, and hyalinization, can also be present. viagra 100 mg walgreens price Mri findings of schwannomas have been reported as masses of low signal intensity on t1-weighted images and high signal intensity on t2-weighted images. 5 mg viagra enough 6,10 these findings are characteristic but not specific of schwannomas and have been reported present in only 57% of the cases in previous studies,10 hindering the correct diagnosis. viagra canada Additionally, the signal intensity on t2-weighted images may vary depending on cell density. selling viagra online legal Tumors with microscopic findings of hypercellular antoni type a tissue have intermediate signals, while tumors with antoni type b tissue have a bright signal on t2-weighted images. buy viagra online Additionally, other neurogenic tumors, such as ganglioneuroma, appear more commonly in the retroperitoneum than schwannomas and have similar findings on ct and mri. 11 therefore, misdiagnosis of retroperitoneal schwannomas is not uncommon, and preoperative diagnosis as hepatic tumors, pancreatic cystic tumors, and psoas abscess have been reported. 5,11,12 ct-guided core biopsy and fine needle aspiration have been founded to be unreliable for the diagnosis of retroperitoneal schwannoma. generic viagra canada 5,14 they may be helpful only if the sample contains enough schwann cells to visualize microscopically. viagra coupon However, in areas of degeneration, the cellular pleomorphism can hinder the diagnosis, and degenerative cells may be misinterpreted as malignancy. One also runs the risk of hemorrhage, infection, and tumor seeding; thus, many authors do not recomme. buy viagra online without script information om viagra  has been selected for Raindance Film Festival and nominated for Best UK Web Series.  Click HERE to check it out.