Hello 2020!

Jan 23, 2020Awards, Updates

This year has kicked off with Tasha Dhanraj and I winning the Writers Guild Award for ‘Best Online Comedy’ for our sketch ‘SIDE EFFECTS OF THE PILL’ for BBC3.

I haven’t updated by website as much as I should have, and 2019 was a busy old year! I’ve written four episodes of a new CBBC show ‘Andy and the Band’, starring Andy Day which will be out soon. Two episodes of ’The Adventures of Paddington’ for Nick Jr which will be out in the UK in March. Two episodes of top CBBC drama ‘The Dumping Ground’, the first of which will be out on March 6th. I’ve also written several sketches for CBBC’s ‘Class Dismissed’, and on ‘Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration’ which was out on new year’s day.

I’m also currently editing my latest short film ‘DON’T WALK’ which I directed and wrote with Toby Williams. 2019 was also an excellent year for my podcast Drunk Women Solving Crime – we are planning to go to Edinburgh again and a UK Tour in the Autumn.